Bar-B-Q, Burgers & Business

There is nothing like showing up to a good bar-b-q.  It could be a place where there are 5 people gathered around the grill sharing stories and drinking cold beers or a burgerplace where there are 50 people standing around waiting for the grill master to yell “burgers are done”. Either way, you are there, right in the midst of people with ears. People who are waiting on the next subject, the next rumor or the next hot topic! So, why not let your business be the topic of conversation. This is the perfect time to sell your business to people who may become long-time customers.

If you are a boutique owner, wear something from your boutique that’s a conversation starter (well, be sure to know your audience, we wouldn’t want you to get kicked out of the neighborhood cookout). If you are selling products that can help people lose weight, have your before and after pictures ready! You should be walking around showing those pictures like its your first born child!

I am pretty sure there is some study out there that shows human beings are happier when they are eating and drinking…oh and when they are under the hypnosis of the smell of hot bar-b-q. So, lets take advantage of this time. Get out there and network!

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