Great Marketing, Bad Product

Have you ever seen a commercial for a new sandwich and thought to yourself right in the middle of that commercial “Sheesh, I need to try that”? Well, that would happen to me every time I would see the pulled pork bar-b-q sandwich commercial from Bojangles!

Yesterday, I was starving. I had no idea what I was going to eat for lunch. As I was driving I saw Bojangles. I thought to myself ”

(Photo: Bojangles)


Yes, that’s what I want, I want that pulled pork sandwich”. So, I pulled up to the microphone and ordered my sandwich. I then drove to the window, paid for my sandwich, it was handed to me and I drove off eagerly to try it. I pulled into a parking space right there in the restaurant as I stuffed my face with fries. Now, it’s time for the sandwich oh yea! I am ready!

I opened the wrapper and immediately juice from the sandwich started dripping down onto my skirt. After pulling the wrapper back, I noticed the bread was really soggy, yuck! The bread was really warm and the bar-b-q was topped with coleslaw. I hate wet bread but I really wanted to try the sandwich.

I took the sandwich back inside and asked for a new one. They made a fresh sandwich for me and I took it back to my car with excitement. I opened it and noticed the bread was soggy again. Not as soggy as before but still really soggy. I bit into it and I must say, the pulled pork didn’t have any sauce on it but it was actually really good. So why was it so soggy? Well, I think it was soggy for a few reasons. When you heat bread, it becomes soft. If you are putting pulled pork on a soft bun and you don’t properly drain the juice, the bread will become soggy. Let’s not forget, they also piled coleslaw on top of it so the juice from that was also soaked up by the bread.

I don’t typically eat from Bojangles. I only went there because the pulled pork commercial made it seem like biting into the sandwich would be the best thing since sliced bread. The commercial had me sold! The actual product? not so much.

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