Discounts? Um no, I’m an Entrepreneur


It amazes me how many people ask entrepreneurs, authors and others for discounts on services, materials and goods. Some people are actually bold enough to ask for things for free (donating services is something totally different)! I mean really, when you go to McDonalds and order a double cheeseburger with no pickles and a large fry, do you ask them for a discount? No. Probably not. You pay for your meal and keep it moving.

So, the question still stands, why do friends and family EXPECT a discount from entrepreneurs? Well, this is what I think. I believe they expect a discount because they know you. The likelihood of you giving them a discount is higher than the neighborhood Walmart.

What your friends and family don’t understand is, every time you give them a discount, you lose money.  Every time they ask, it creates an awkward situation. Entrepreneurs are people who rather work for themselves than others. My take on this whole discount thing is “no”, I cannot give you a discount. How is my business supposed to thrive if I am giving services away for a lesser price? This is bad for business and I personally believe it is selfish to ask especially a small business owner or entrepreneur for a discount.

Creative On Paper would like to hear from other entrepreneurs. How do you handle the infamous discount question? How often do people ask you for a discount? Leave your comments below…

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