Business Owner? UM…NO! U are WRONG for THAT!

I’m fairly young but I like to think I know a lot about business. I mean after all, I am a business owner. Anywhoo, throughout my years of being an entrepreneur I’ve seen some janky (crazy, silly, weird, jacked up) stuff. So I wanted to go over a few things that are NOT right if you are a business owner.

  1. You sell waist trainers, shakes and body wraps but they are not working for you. Your waist is still the same and so is your weight. THIS IS A NO! You must be a walking billboard for your products. People should be drawn to you and your progress. You have to show them your products work.
  2. You have a mobile car detailing business but your car is always dirty. THIS IS A NO! People should be drawn to the cleanliness of your car, if you can’t keep your car clean, I know you can’t clean my car. #ImJustSaying
  3. You are a boutique owner but you never buy the clothes you are selling. THIS IS A NO! You need to wear the clothes you are selling. You need to be a walking fashion show every time you go out.
  4. Multi-Level Marketers, no, you cannot help me make money when it doesn’t look like you are making money or if you are always asking other people for money.  THIS IS A NO!

Sadly enough, people often judge people by their first impression of them. This is why when you are conducting business, you must be on point at all times. People like doing business with those who look at act professional. Those who are a walking billboard for the products and services they are selling. Have you seen some jacked up stuff from business owners or entrepreneurs? Comment below. Let’s have a little fun!

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