It’s FRIDAY! Let’s start the weekend off with business tips from Creative On Paper. Nothing fancy, just a reminder of things you can do to grow your business.

  1. Be sure to NETWORK – You can never run out of people. When business is slow, get out and network. Typically, cities have a lot of FREE networking events.
  2. Be a Litterbug – Well not literally, but if you have a business card or a flyer, leave it on a table in a restaurant. Put it on a mirror in the restroom. I’m just saying, you never know who may pick it up.
  3. Asked to be STALKED – Not like Fatal Attraction but when you post things online, ask your friends to share it, like it, unlike it, and like it AGAIN. Did you know every time someone likes your status it repopulates? I know, you can thank me later!

If you have cool tips, or if you would like to see more tips from Creative On Paper, comment below.



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